NECSUS Spring 2012_'Crisis'

Editorial Necsus (PDF)


The gaps of cinema (PDF) by Jacques Rancière

Twitter as a multilingual space: The articulation of the Tunisian revolution through #sidibouzid (PDF) by Thomas Poell and Kaouthar Darmoni

Policing the people: Television studies and the problem of ‘quality’ (PDF) by Sudeep Dasgupta

The photo-novel, a minor medium? (PDF) by Jan Baetens

Special Section: Crisis

Sea-change: Transforming the ‘crisis’ in film theory (PDF) by Robert Sinnerbrink

A sideways view of the film economy in an age of digital piracy (PDF) by Ramon Lobato

Portraying the global financial crisis: Myth, aesthetics, and the city (PDF) by Miriam Meissner

Universal, Germany, and All Quiet on the Western Front: A case study in crisis historiography (PDF) by Michael Wedel

Ephemeral bodies and threshold creatures: The crisis of the adolescent rite of passage in Sofia Coppola’s The Virgin Suicides and Gus Van Sant’s Elephant (PDF) by Anna Backman Rogers

Book Reviews:

Crisis and capitalism in contemporary Argentine cinema (PDF) reviewed by Fausto Appiolaza

Towards a new media archaeology? A report on some books and tendencies (PDF) reviewed by Petra Löffler

Conference Reviews:

Moving image and institution: Cinema and the museum in the 21st century, University of Cambridge (PDF) reviewed by Beatriz Bartolomé Herrera

The impact of technological innovations on the historiography and theory of cinema, La Cinémathèque québécoise, Montreal (PDF) reviewed by Trond Lundemo

Festival + Exhibition Reviews:

Busan Cinema Forum 2011 (PDF) reviewed by Skadi Loist and Marijke de Valck

Atlas. How to carry the world on one’s back? (PDF) reviewed by Teresa Castro