Animal Publics in Australia

The Australasian Animal Studies Association conference takes place from 12-15 July 2015 at the University of Melbourne. The title of this edition of the biannual gathering is Animal Publics: Emotions, Empathy, Activism. The conference is convened by the Australian Center and the Human Rights and Animal Ethics Research Network. Professor Barbara Creed, co-editor of the […]

Cows, clicks, ciphers, and satire

by Tom Tyler Farmville, launched in 2009, is a social game developed by Zynga that can be played on Facebook. As its name suggests, the game is a farming simulation which allows players to grow crops, raise animals, and produce a variety of goods. Gameplay involves clicking on land tiles in order to plough, plant, […]

Horseplay: Equine performance and creaturely acts in cinema

by Stella Hockenhull Béla Tarr’s latest and reputedly final film, The Turin Horse (2011), takes its prompt from the story about an encounter that Nietzsche claims to have experienced with a maltreated horse on Via Carlo Alberto, Turin.[1] Tarr’s film opens with an image of a large horse pulling a cart through the bleak, inhospitable […]

Cinematic slowness, political paralysis? Animal life in ‘Bovines’, with Deleuze and Guattari

by Laura McMahon Slow, contemplative films about animals represent a minor yet burgeoning trend in contemporary art cinema, including recent releases such as Sweetgrass (Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Véréna Paravel, 2009), Le Quattro Volte (Michelangelo Frammartino, 2010), Bestiaire (Denis Côté, 2010), and Bovines ou la vraie vie des vaches (The True Life of Cows, Emmanuel Gras, […]

Tasmanian tigers and polar bears: The documentary moving image and (species) loss

by Belinda Smaill Paleoanthropologists Richard Leakey and Roger Lewin project that one-half of the animal and plant species existing today will have vanished in the next one hundred years.[1] While a background level of extinction is part of the balance of natural evolutionary processes, species loss has intensified in the current epoch. In 2009 biologists […]

When Lulu met the Centaur: Photographic traces of creaturely love

by Dominic Pettman Horsing around[1] Nietzsche … arranged a photograph of the three of us, in spite of strong objections on the part of Paul Rée, who suffered throughout his life from a pathological aversion to the reproduction of his features. Nietzsche, who was in a playful mood, not only insisted on the photo, but […]

Why not look at animals?

by Anat Pick There’re fifteen remote-sensing cameras in my home range, plus infrared counters and barbed-wire snags to collect my hair. I suppose it’s like most of the surveillance that goes on today – it’s partly there to protect you, and partly to protect everybody else from you. – Bear 71  They’d be able to […]

Animals, images, anthropocentrism

by Barbara Creed and Maarten Reesink Animals are everywhere, yet nowhere. We live in a time of periodic outbreaks of global panic concerning the possibility of a bird flu epidemic. Also, we are absorbed by stories of the birth of the latest zoo baby, such as the polar bear Knut who became a media celebrity. […]

We can haz film fest!: Internet Cat Video Festival goes viral

A festival devoted to internet cat videos set out on a 2014 cross-Canada tour with this promotional tagline – ‘All the cattiness of the film fest. But with cats.’ Just for Cats: Internet Cat Video Festival drew programming from its internationally-acclaimed namesake (also known as #catvidfest), which was launched in 2012 by the Walker Art […]

Editorial Necsus

In this Spring 2015 issue we are excited to present our second guest-edited special section, dedicated to ‘Animals’. Guest editors Barbara Creed and Maarten Reesink have assembled a coherent collection of essays that explore animals from a variety of angles, including photography, film, television, and new media. Their introduction ‘Animals, anthropocentrism, media’ sketches out the […]

25th Screen Studies Conference

The theme of the forthcoming Screen Studies Conference, organised by the journal Screen and programmed by editor Karen Lury, is Screening Animals and the Inhuman. The keynote speakers are Michael Lawrence (University of Sussex), Susan McHugh (University of New England), and Anat Pick (Queen Mary, University of London). The conference will take place from 26-28 […]

Editorial Necsus

The editorial team at NECSUS is excited to embark on its 3rd year of publication. We continue to be dedicated to an open access model that makes the best work in the discipline of media studies freely available to all, and we are actively looking for additional institutional partners to join us and support this […]

NECSUS_Spring 2015_‘Animals’ — call for submissions

Guest editors: Barbara Creed (University of Melbourne) and Maarten Reesink (University of Amsterdam) The relatively new and fast-growing field of human/animal studies explores questions about multispecies from a range of interdisciplinary perspectives – philosophy, psychology, law, literature, theatre, film, television, and new media. The human, it has been argued, has always defined itself as ‘human’ […]