NECSUS Autumn 2019_#Gesture

Call for submissions NECSUS Autumn 2019_#Gesture Guest editor: Miriam de Rosa (Coventry University) A visible action working as utterance, according to Giorgio Agamben gesture is ‘the exhibition of mediality’. It unveils a process and crystallises a meaning into a temporary form, making visible and yet relying upon a sense of deep tactility and materiality, especially […]

The navigational gesture: Traces and tracings at the mobile touchscreen interface

by Nanna Verhoeff & Heidi Rae Cooley While touchscreen technology has been around since at least 1974 it did not become widely available on the consumer market until the 2007 release of the Apple iPhone.[1] Since then our handheld devices have gotten smarter and more connected. We enjoy an ever-increasing ability to access and manipulate […]

The care for opacity: On Tsai Ming-Liang’s conservative filmic gesture

by Erik Bordeleau A thin veneer of immediate reality is spread over natural and artificial matter, and whoever wishes to remain in the now, with the now, on the now, should please not break its tension film. – Vladimir Nabokov, Transparent Things 1. Transparent things The opening generic of Tsai Ming-Liang’s Face (2009) has just […]