Environmental Configurations: Media, Infrastructure, Place-making

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The twenty-first century proliferation of digital infrastructures marks the simultaneous hyperinflation and the abolition of the concept of the medium. In this seminar we examine the changing role of infrastructures, place-making, and culture in the production of environmental media configurations as space and platforms.

The seminar itself is conceived as a platform to create connections among on-going research projects, favor dialog and discussion, and develop and share ideas. Participants include Francesco Casetti (Yale University), Miriam De Rosa (Coventry University), Bernard Geoghegan (Coventry University), Vinzenz Hediger (Goethe University Frankfurt), Samuel Hind (Warwick University), Michael Pigott (Warwick University), Clancy Wilmott (University of Manchester).

Key info: 9 June 2017, DMLL at Frederick Lanchester Library, Coventry University, Gosford St, Coventry CV1 5DD

Enquiries: dr. Miriam De Rosa (ac4644@coventry.ac.uk)