CCVA Hors-conference in collaboration with Café Chercher

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On Saturday the 30th of June from 14.30-17h Café Chercher will organise an afternoon of unfinished research projects for the Cinema and Contemporary Visual Art workgroup (CCVA) at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) in the Doelenzaal at the University Library (Singel 425, Amsterdam). This is an hors-conference event following the European Network for Cinema and Media Studies 2018 Conference (NECS): Media Tactics and Engagement (27-29 June) which is hosted by the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU).

We are looking for members of the CCVA workgroup who are interested to share their unfinished projects. The contribution can be cinema, film and video art pieces, projections, performances, and theoretical contributions. There is no budget for travel expenses or presentation materials, but we can provide a range of technical equipment. The event is public and participation is free. Registration to follow.

Open call dates: 
Deadline submission: 25th May 2018
Notification: 31st May 2018
Event day: Saturday, 30 June 2018, 14.30-17h
Location: Doelenzaal, University Libary (Singel 425, Amsterdam)

Please send (see specifications): 
Name participant:
Website (or one image of your project):
Artistic field(s) and research field(s):
Current artistic and/or research question(s) and doubt(s) (300 words):
Short bio (150 words):
One word:

Dare to share, and send us an email:

What is CCVA? 
The Cinema & Contemporary Visual Arts workgroup was founded by dr. Miriam De Rosa within NECS to provide a platform for the exploration of the relationship between cinema and contemporary visual arts. It also aims at offering a room for theoretical and practice-based discussion addressing issues of both representation and exhibition/curatorial strategies. The topics we wish to focus include: gallery films, video installations, exhibited cinema; new/screen media, cinema & visual arts; aesthetical, conceptual, technical exchanges and encounters among visual arts; analogue/digital in visual arts; cinema and the museum; moving images & curation. The workgroup counts on the contribution of NECS members working in these areas, artists, curators, and on anyone interested in the field. It is meant as an open, inclusive platform to share information, foster collaboration, engage in mutual research and creative interests.

What is Café Chercher?
Café Chercher is a monthly platform to present unfinished research projects. These projects typically exist between the realms of the arts and the sciences: artists involved in research and researchers involved in the arts. Every last Tuesday of the month we organize evenings with presentations, with performances, with music, with videos, with soup and with drinks. Participants practitioners and professionals, BA and MA students, PhD-researchers, lectors and professors from different disciplines and institutions. They are artists and art historians, but also biologists, gamers and neuroscientists. We provide an informal and intimate atmosphere with room for doubt and discussion.


The format of Café Chercher is simple and flexible, we provide an informal and intimate platform for research in progress. These research projects typically exist between the realms of the arts and the sciences; artists involved in research and researchers involved in the arts. We stimulate experimental ways of sharing art-research projects and works. After each contribution, there is time for questions, suggestions, and discussion.

Contextualised artistic contribution 10-15 minutes (30-minute window)
This contribution is based on sharing an unfinished art and research project. The focus of the contribution is on current questions, current doubts, and hypotheses. The contribution can be in a variety of forms like a performative lecture, a dialogue or debate, a workshop, a participatory happening, and so forth.

Artistic contribution 5-10 minutes (15-minute window)
This contribution is based on sharing an unfinished artistic work, this can be a prototype, an experiment, or a try-out. The contribution can be an artwork, a design piece, a video, a performance, a music piece, a dance piece, a theatre piece, or a poetry reading, and so forth.

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