Revisiting the voice in media and as medium: New materialist propositions

by Milla Tiainen Introduction Approached with varying attention to its sensory, auditory, and signifying dimensions, over the past decades the voice has attracted repeated investigation and theorisation in research and discussions about media. The voice in media has been explored and conceptually defined by a series of undertakings, from enquiries in film studies to recent […]

Her green materials: Mourning, ‘Melancholia’, and not-so-vital materialisms

by Catherine Lord Introduction: Slow greens, impending greys ‘I’m trudging through a grey woolly yarn. It’s clinging to my legs. It’s really heavy to drag along’, says Justine (Kirsten Dunst) to her sister Claire (Charlotte Gainsbourgh). Draped like a corpse in the whiteness of her wedding dress, Justine is immobile in a state of acute […]

Material properties of historical film in the digital age

by Barbara Flueckiger In his landmark study The Virtual Life of Film, David N. Rodowick rephrases André Bazin’s famous question ‘what is cinema?’ using the past tense: ‘what was cinema?’ He notes that, paradoxically, film studies is dealing with an object that no longer exists; it ceased existing as an object of study in the […]