The resolution of sound: Understanding retro game audio beyond the ‘8-bit’ horizon

by Nikita Braguinski In 2012 the Public Broadcasting Service aired a ‘special’ dedicated to the popularity of retro-videogame-themed music, design, and art.[1] Combining interview snippets with footage of historic examples of video game technology as well as their modern imitations, this seven-minute program titled The Evolution of 8-Bit Art is implicitly built around the premise […]

Interactive media and imperial subjects: Excavating the cinematic shooting gallery

by Michael Cowan Archaeologies of interactivity If media history has gained anything from the recent archaeological turn, it is perhaps a much-needed scepticism towards ideas of a digital ‘revolution’. Whether examining the ‘Victorian Internet’,[1] fin-de-siècle Skype,[2] the pre-history of mobile phones,[3] or early forms of interactive cinema, the archaeological approach can reveal that modes of […]

Serious games

by Harun Farocki In the summer of 2008 my collaborator Matthias Rajmann sent me a newspaper clipping. Traumatised U.S. troops returning from combat are treated with video games. In therapy they watch virtual scenarios that simulate some of the situations they experienced in Iraq. The idea is that the virtual images will help the soldiers […]