Touching the Screen, University of Oslo

The one-day conference Touching the Screen aims to trace the genealogies and implications of today’s touchscreens and their formatting of images and the senses. The conference will explore media archaeological, media theoretical, and artistic ramifications of current practices of screen touching. Speakers include Michael Bell-Smith (New York), Wanda Strauven (Amsterdam), Susanne M. Winterling (Berlin/Oslo), and others. The […]

The navigational gesture: Traces and tracings at the mobile touchscreen interface

by Nanna Verhoeff & Heidi Rae Cooley While touchscreen technology has been around since at least 1974 it did not become widely available on the consumer market until the 2007 release of the Apple iPhone.[1] Since then our handheld devices have gotten smarter and more connected. We enjoy an ever-increasing ability to access and manipulate […]

The tactile and the index: From the remote control to the hand-held computer, some speculative reflections on the bodies of the will

by Lorenz Engell This article is motivated by the experience of the traditional television user. The experience of television is (at least in one of its dominant forms), as everyone can assert, and as Raymond Williams marvelously described it, one of a medium state between day and night, sea and land, closeness and distance, consciousness […]

Aporias of the touchscreen: On the promises and perils of a ubiquitous technology

by Timo Kaerlein We may debate whether our society is a society of spectacle or of simulation, but, undoubtedly, it is a society of the screen. – Lev Manovich[1] Screens attached to computers have always been tangible insofar as they feature a solid glass surface that lends itself to touch, while other parts like the […]

Early cinema’s touch(able) screens: From Uncle Josh to Ali Barbouyou

by Wanda Strauven Return of the rube? Last spring a ‘magic moment’ happened at an afternoon screening of Martin Scorsese’s 3D film Hugo (2011). When the end credits were scrolling across the huge screen-wall and the audience was leaving the auditorium, a little girl ran to the front. At first a bit hesitant, she reached […]