Editorial Necsus

This year marks the tenth anniversary of NECS (European Network of Cinema and Media Studies), one of the key organisations that co-established and continues to support NECSUS. Founded in Berlin in February 2006, NECS has grown into a large network of media studies academics and researchers in and beyond Europe. The launch of the first […]

Towards a ‘minor data’ manifesto

by Jacek Smolicki and Alberto Frigo Not big and not small data Before moving to a discussion on the concept of minor data we find it important to explain how the term relates, or rather how it differs from existing terms that have emerged in the context of ubiquitous data circulation and accumulation. Big data […]

Database aesthetics, modular storytelling, and the intimate small worlds of Korsakow documentaries

by Anna Wiehl Small – the alternative big? Within the context of digitalisation and networked media, the immediate spread of information, and the automatised gathering and structuring of vast amounts of data of our daily lives, new audiovisual documentary genres and formats keep emerging. Many of them are large-scale, global collaborations based on the world-wide […]

From Saul Bass to participatory culture: Opening title sequences in contemporary television series

by Valentina Re Introductory remarks: How main titles work A cab moves into the frame and stops by the curb. A man approaches it and opens the door. ‘Jesus, what’d you do, come by way of the Panama Canal?’ ‘Alright, alright, I’m in a bad mood, okay?’, answers a woman getting out of the cab. […]

Compact cinematics

by Pepita Hesselberth and Maria Poulaki With tremendous force, and against all odds, a labouring woman shoots a baby from her body like a cannonball, the umbilical cord torn as it rockets through the hospital window into orbit. As the screaming child arches through the skies it rapidly degenerates from a bald pink baby through […]

Forms of binding: On data and not ‘fitting in’

by Anirban Gupta-Nigam Saddleworth Moor On 26 January 2016 The Guardian reported the following: ‘[a] man who died on a remote hillside may have been making a pilgrimage to the scene of plane crash that killed 24 people in 1949, police have said – possibly because he was related to a victim of the disaster’.[1] […]

Spring 2016_‘Small data’ — Call for submissions

If we believe the ongoing hype, then our times are characterised by ‘big data’ and ‘digital humanities’, by algorithmically-based research into large bodies of digital material. This trend also begs the question what is being left behind and potentially forgotten if we follow this direction too willingly. The call for submissions for the Spring 2016 […]