The resolution of sound: Understanding retro game audio beyond the ‘8-bit’ horizon

by Nikita Braguinski In 2012 the Public Broadcasting Service aired a ‘special’ dedicated to the popularity of retro-videogame-themed music, design, and art.[1] Combining interview snippets with footage of historic examples of video game technology as well as their modern imitations, this seven-minute program titled The Evolution of 8-Bit Art is implicitly built around the premise […]

No time like the past?: On the new role of vintage and retro in the magazines Scandinavian Retro and Retro Gamer

by Kristian Handberg ‘Detta är retro, [holding up 1960s lamp] detta är inte retro.’ [holding up a 19th century chandelier] (This is retro, this is not retro). – Scandinavian Retro chief editor Magnus Palm in the video Vad är retro? (   ‘Back to the Eighties’ ‘Back to the Nineties’ (permanent features in Retro Gamer […]

Locating vintage

by Kim Knowles – She said I looked like a 1950s housewife – Well your dress is slightly anachronistic – What? It’s vintage I’ll have you know! – I know, but being vintage doesn’t make it attractive. During a party scene in Xavier Dolan’s film Les Amours Imaginaires / Heartbeats (2010) the two twenty-something characters […]