Outbreak of violent protests prompts a state of emergency

by​ ​THE ANTI-BANALITY UNION​, 1 March 2017 It echoed loudly in an escalating confrontation between extreme ends of the political spectrum.[1] The presence of thousands of camouflage-clad National Guard troops and armored vehicles was a sign that the city was not quite back to normal. While many protesters called for an end to the citywide […]

Critique, protest, activism, and the video essay

by Kevin B. Lee This selection of video essays is curated for an issue of the journal NECSUS with the special section theme #True. This begs the question of how this word applies to the video essay, particularly those featured in this selection meant to represent possibilities for the video essay to function as social […]

Pisters on the academic system

NECSUS editor and University of Amsterdam professor Patricia Pisters has written a short article titled ‘Jams, Loops and Downward Spirals in the Academic System’ which is translated and reprinted on the Rethink UvA website. The article was written in conjunction with the student and staff protests at the University of Amsterdam and their efforts to […]

Student protests at the University of Amsterdam

On Friday the 13th of February an organisation of concerned students calling itself The New University occupied one of the University of Amsterdam’s buildings. The students are protesting the financialisation of academic life and are calling for the radical democratisation of university management. The occupation and protests are ongoing. An online petition with more than […]