The uncanny mediality of the photographic GIF

by Arild Fetveit Up on the mic repeating 2 words, over and over again … These 2 words, a little bit behind the beat. I mean just enough 2 turn u on … So over and over, she said the words till he could take no more … 2 words falling between the drops and […]

We have never been (post)modern: Photography’s late encounters with film

The discussions on the relationship between photography and film have for a long time been centred on stillness and duration. The two oldest of the so-called new media seemed settled in binary oppositions, as it was either the photograph’s death portrait or the motion picture’s vital progression. Ice or fire, as Peter Wollen aptly proclaimed.[1] […]

‘Pierdom’ by Simon Roberts

Simon Roberts is a British photographer whose work centres on questions of people and place, particularly in regard to the construction and promotion of national identity. From 2011-2013 these interests fuelled a project titled Pierdom (, for which Roberts toured the British coastline capturing the country’s 58 surviving pleasure piers as well as a few […]

Re-enacting pre-existing image collections in Akram Zaatari’s ‘Unfolding’

Lebanese artist Akram Zaatari’s exhibition Unfolding at Moderna Museet in Stockholm (7 March – 16 August 2015) is what you may call a hybrid exhibition in the sense that it includes several different media and makes use of various exhibition formats.[1] The exhibition can be divided into two separate but interrelated parts. The first part […]

Theaters: Cinematic vintage magnified

The pictures gathered in the photographic series Theaters are the perfect attempt to exemplify the challenging task to find a crystallised form to cinematic duration. Analog in their technique, they not only represent the impressed trace of an instant in which the authors freeze an existing referential index, but they actually feed the rich debate […]

Hollis Frampton’s ‘other work’

Hollis Frampton, CEPA, 20 June – 5 September 2015, Buffalo, New York, with ancillary exhibitions at Squeaky Wheel Film & Media Art Center, Dean Brownrout Modern Contemporary, and the Western New York Book Arts Center Hollis Frampton featured an excellent exhibition of photographs and other visual artifacts by the pioneering American filmmaker, artist, and writer. […]

When Lulu met the Centaur: Photographic traces of creaturely love

by Dominic Pettman Horsing around[1] Nietzsche … arranged a photograph of the three of us, in spite of strong objections on the part of Paul Rée, who suffered throughout his life from a pathological aversion to the reproduction of his features. Nietzsche, who was in a playful mood, not only insisted on the photo, but […]