Songs of home (and away): Ethnically-coded diegetic music and multidirectional nostalgia in fiction films about Polish migrants

by Kris Van Heuckelom and Iwona Guść ‘More, Olek, more, please … Sing, sing … sing a song!’ – Norwegian host addressing his Polish guest (in Cabin Fever)[1] Introduction One of the understudied aspects of the expanding body of migration-themed European fiction film is the widespread use of ethnically-coded music. So far, research on the […]

The home screen as an anchor point for mobile media use: Technologies, practices, identities

by Stefan Werning Introduction The notion of home as a place to return to has been particularly prominent (e.g. in popular culture) at times of ‘abrupt change either within the social or physical environment or in the world of ideas’.[1] Abrupt change and concurrent sentiments such as disorientation and arbitrariness are not limited to material […]

The filmic representation of home in transnational families: The case of ‘I for India’

by Efrén Cuevas In an increasingly globalised world, the phenomenon of transnational families has spanned many countries, raising questions as to the traditional understanding of home, a concept normally associated with the notions of homeland and the family house. This article intends to study these issues through an analysis of I for India (2005), a […]

From the bedroom to LA: Revisiting the settings of early video blogs on YouTube

by Rainer Hillrichs The home is only one of many settings in contemporary YouTube videos. On professionalised video blogs, domestic settings are only used when they are motivated by particular video projects. Videos of the popular Let’s Play genre may be recorded in the home, but the true settings of the videos are the worlds […]

The Calais Jungle: Mediations of home

by Mireille Rosello In October 2016 something happened that the French authorities would like the international community to interpret as a long-overdue humanitarian intervention: the dismantling of the Jungle, the unofficial refugee camp/slum where thousands of migrants lived. The operation, however, can only be constructed as a benevolent deployment of governmental resources if the authorities […]

Editorial Necsus

In Autumn 2016 the notion of Home gained a new relevance. Globalisation, migration, and media seem more than ever entangled with growing insecurities about the safety of (the) home. Many of us fly over the world for work or as tourists, and we return home after a few days or a few weeks. Others desperately […]

Autumn 2016_‘Home’ — Call for submissions

Every day thousands of people leave their home, fleeing the terror of war, extremism, and poverty, searching for a new place to live, a roof above their heads. The official institutions of the European Union are cracking under the public reactions to the so-called ‘refugee crisis’, while many of the populations of the constituent nations […]