12th NECS Graduate Workshop in Rome

The 12th NECS Graduate Workshop, From Sensation to Synesthesia: The aesthetic experience and synesthesia in film and new media, takes place from 26-27 February 2015 at Sapienza University of Rome. The workshop aims at elucidating how cinema and new media products can be considered synesthetic machines. The keynote presentation will be delivered by Wanda Strauven […]

11th NECS Graduate Workshop — call for papers

11th NECS Graduate Workshop. Contemporary Perspectives on the city: screen media and dwelling Milan, Italy, 17.-18. June 2014 The contemporary city represents a new context of experimentation in terms of languages of communication, aesthetics and media consumption. The most immediate result is a new sense of place, fed and inspired by a massive presence of […]

9th NECS Graduate Workshop — call for papers

Forging: Authenticity in the Making Leiden, Netherlands, 14-15 March 2014 9th NECS Graduate Workshop Hosted by Leiden University and Leiden International Short Film Experience Call for Papers Forgery is the consciously deceiving replication of a product or a manner of production. Depending on its object, its counterpart could be authenticity, originality, integrity, and/or truthfulness. The […]

10th NECS Graduate Workshop — call for papers

10th NECS Graduate Workshop, Media Archaeology and Digital Media Udine, Italy, 2-3 April 2014 Call for Papers As part of the bigger investigation undertaken by XXI Udine Conference around the subject of Media Archaeology as a pioneering media approach which reconsiders each medium’s identity as part of a network of media discourses, we would like […]

6th NECS Graduate Workshop, Vienna

The 6th NECS (European Network for Cinema and Media Studies) Graduate Workshop will be organized from 28 February-1 March 2013 under the theme ‘Moving Images – Imagined Movements: Mobility in/of Film’. The workshop is organized by the NECS graduate committee, represented by Miriam De Rosa and Alena Strohmaier, and hosted by the Department of Theater, […]

6th NECS Graduate Workshop, Moving Images – Imagined Movements: Mobility in/of Film

6th NECS Graduate Workshop Moving Images – Imagined Movements: Mobility in/of Film Vienna, 28 February-01 March 2013 Hosted by the Department of Theatre-, Film- and Media Studies/University of Vienna Organized by the NECS Graduate Workshop Committee Call for Papers Travel as a motif in film or hypermobility through cyberspace, displayed mobility or migration in movies […]