The NECS 2018 Conference

CALL FOR PAPERS  The University of Amsterdam, the Free University of Amsterdam and Utrecht University are happy to present   The NECS 2018 Conference Media Tactics and Engagement 27-29 June 2018 Hosted by the University of Amsterdam and the Free University of Amsterdam  Pre-Conference Media in Transition 26 June 2018 Hosted by Utrecht University Post-Conference […]

Current trends across three European human rights film festivals

Three major human rights film festivals (HRFFs) take place on the European continent annually in March. In 2017 the line-up was as follows: One World was held in Prague, Czech Republic from 6-15 March; the International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights (FIFDH) in Geneva, Switzerland unfolded between 10-19 March; and Movies that Matter […]

Rethinking geolinguistic spaces: The San Sebastian Film Festival between Latin America and Europe

The San Sebastian Film Festival, also known as the Zinemaldia (‘the film festival’ in the Basque language), celebrated its 64th edition from 16-24 September 2016. The festival location in the Basque Country near the Spanish border with France has influenced its development since its inception in 1953. Modelled after the pioneering festivals Venice and Cannes, […]

Songs in European and Latin American Cinemas

The trilingual (French-Spanish-English) international conference Songs in European and Latin American Cinemas (1960-2010) gathers European and Latin American specialists around this rarely-discussed theme. The conference is the result of a collaboration between Free University of Brussels (ULB), Catholic University of Louvain (UCL), University of Buenos Aires (UBA), and the Belgian Film Archive (Cinematek). It will […]

Television studies reloaded: From history to text

Two recent books constitute essential reference points in television studies, both presenting innovative research directions. The first is a collection of essays edited by Ethan Thompson and Jason Mittell titled How to Watch Television (New York-London: New York University Press, 2013). The second, an important decade-long study by Jérôme Bourdon prepared by the Institut National […]

Impossible dreams: ‘Europe and Love in Cinema’

As its title makes clear, Europe and Love in Cinema, edited by Luisa Passerini, Jo Labanyi, and Karen Diehl (Bristol: Intellect, 2012), offers an intriguing and provocative encounter between three concepts – ‘Europe’, ‘love’ and ‘cinema’ – which may not initially seem to have that much in common, at least in the field of film […]

Subjectivity and ostrannenie: Key debates in European film studies

Amsterdam University Press recently launched a book series titled The Key Debates: Mutations and Appropriations in European Film Studies. Directed by Ian Christie, Dominique Chateau, and Annie van den Oever, the series aims at focusing on the central issues animating the current theoretical debate within film studies (but with a special emphasis on its relation […]

European nightmares: Horror cinema in Europe since 1945

Patricia Allmer, Emily Brick, and David Huxley’s edited collection European Nightmares: Horror Cinema in Europe Since 1945 (New York-Chichester: Columbia University Press/Wallflower Press, 2012) is a book with roots that go back to a conference organised by the editors at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2006.[1] As Allmer, Brick, and Huxley state in their introduction, horror […]