Acts of laughter, acts of tears: The production of ‘truth-effects’ in Oriana Fox’s ‘The O Show’ and Gillian Wearing’s ‘Self Made’

by Maria Walsh There was a time in the not too distant past when, in theory at least, claiming the truth of one’s identity was viewed with suspicion. In poststructuralist theories, particularly of the psychoanalytic persuasion, the subject is split from knowing itself and thereby from proffering a unified identity. Truth here is at best […]

9th NECS Graduate Workshop — call for papers

Forging: Authenticity in the Making Leiden, Netherlands, 14-15 March 2014 9th NECS Graduate Workshop Hosted by Leiden University and Leiden International Short Film Experience Call for Papers Forgery is the consciously deceiving replication of a product or a manner of production. Depending on its object, its counterpart could be authenticity, originality, integrity, and/or truthfulness. The […]