The resolution of sound: Understanding retro game audio beyond the ‘8-bit’ horizon

by Nikita Braguinski In 2012 the Public Broadcasting Service aired a ‘special’ dedicated to the popularity of retro-videogame-themed music, design, and art.[1] Combining interview snippets with footage of historic examples of video game technology as well as their modern imitations, this seven-minute program titled The Evolution of 8-Bit Art is implicitly built around the premise […]

Soundscapes, sound clash

The ‘sonic turn’ in media and cultural studies of recent years has been manifested by a snowballing of publications in the last decade, consolidating sound’s status as a legitimate area of enquiry. The introduction to Sound Clash: Listening to American Studies (edited by Kara Keeling and Josh Kun; Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2012) points […]