NECSUS Spring 2014_Traces


Editorial Necsus (PDF)

Siegfried Kracauer’s affinities (PDF) by Thomas Elsaesser

Mapping the rise of the iPhone: Between phones and mobile media (PDF) by Ginette Verstraete

Representations of Madrid in the (post-)transition to democracy (PDF) by Vicente Rodriguez Ortega

Empire is out there!?: The spirit of imperialism in the Pixar animated film ‘Up’ (PDF) by Dietmar Meinel

Representation or misrepresentation?: British media and Japanese popular culture (PDF) by Perry Hinton

Special section: Traces

The navigational gesture: Traces and tracings at the mobile touchscreen interface (PDF) by Nanna Verhoeff & Heidi Rae Cooley

Poetics and politics of the trace: Notes on surveillance practices through Harun Farocki’s work (PDF) by Miriam De Rosa

Webcams as cinematic medium: Creating chronotopes of the real (PDF) by Paula Albuquerque

Assembling traces, or the conservation of net art (PDF) by Annet Dekker

The Third Party Diary: Tracking the trackers on Dutch governmental websites (PDF) by Lonneke van der Velden

Microphysics of a rationalist utopia: Ruins, town plans, and the avant-garde documentary (PDF) by Andrea Mariani

The beauty of the act: Figuring film and the delirious baroque in ‘Holy Motors’ (PDF) by Saige Walton

Animated maps and the power of the trace (PDF) by Giuseppe Fidotta

Enhanced echoes: Digitisation and new perspectives on film sound (PDF) by Jasper Aalbers

Book reviews:

edited by Lavinia Brydon and Alena Strohmaier (NECS Publication Committee)

Globalisation and television formats (PDF) review by Jaap Kooijman

Soundscapes, sound clash (PDF) review by Nessa Johnston

Shadow economies and digital disruption (PDF) review by Chris Baumann

The cinema of Béla Tarr: The circle closes (PDF) review by Miklós Kiss

Impossible dreams: Europe and love in cinema (PDF) review by Fiona Handyside

Festival reviews:

edited by Marijke de Valck and Skadi Loist (Film Festival Research Network)

Oberhausen: An interview with Lars Henrik Gass (PDF) by Enrico Camporesi

Brazil’s International Disability Film Festival Assim Vivemos (PDF) review by Ana Gilbert

Celebrating independence: 54th Thessaloniki International Film Festival (PDF) review by Lydia Papadimitriou

Initiating regional talents: 2013 Sarajevo Film Festival (PDF) review by Ivan Velisavljević

Past memories for a new future: 70th Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica di Venezia (PDF) review by Enrico Vannucci

Exhibition reviews:

Fassbinder Frankfurt (PDF) review by Senta Siewert

The biennale as a device: 4th Athens Biennale (PDF) review by Eva Fotiadi