Editorial NECSUS

Early cinema, Sergei Eisenstein, and film culture today: An interview with Ian Christie on new directions in film history by Annie van den Oever and Malte Hagener

The playfulness of Ingmar Bergman: Screenwriting from notebooks to screenplays by Anna Sofia Rossholm

Handmade films and artist-run labs: The chemical sites of film’s counterculture by Rossella Catanese and Jussi Parikka

Border crossings: Serial figures and the evolution of media by Shane Denson and Ruth Mayer

Special section: #Mapping

edited by Giorgio Avezzù, Teresa Castro, and Giuseppe Fidotta

The exact shape of the world: Mapping and the media by Giorgio Avezzù, Teresa Castro, and Giuseppe Fidotta

The mapping of ‘500 Days of Summer’: A processual approach to cinematic cartography by Chris Lukinbeal

Earth networks: ‘The Human Surge’ and cognitive mapping by Tiago de Luca 

Digital maps and fan discourse: Moving between heuristics and interpretation by Marta Boni

Embodied cartographies of the unscene: A feminist approach to (geo)visualising film and television production by Laura Sharp

Making the map speak: Indigenous animated cartographies as contrapuntal spatial representations by Lola Remy 

Plus ultra: Coloniality and the mapping of American natureculture in the empire of Philip II by Adam Wickberg

Media mapping and oil extraction: A Louisiana story by Janet Walker

Festival reviews:

edited by Marijke de Valck and Skadi Loist

A brief study of film festivals in Mexico: Consumption and historical evolution 2010-2016 by Jacob Bañuelos and Juan Olmedo

The Dutch film festival landscape: A walk-through by Harry van Vliet 

Evidentiary aesthetics: Landscapes of violence at RIDM 2017 by Patrick Smith

Exhibition reviews:

edited by Miriam de Rosa and Leo Goldsmith

Codes of conflux: Collaborations between human and computer in MoMa’s ‘Thinking Machines’ by Leo Goldsmith

Nothing stable under heaven at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art by Justin Ross Muchnick

Racial phantasmagoria: The demonisation of the other in Richard Mosse’s ‘Incoming’ by Diego Ramirez

Book reviews:

edited by Lavinia Brydon and Victoria Pastor-González

(Re)imagining African independence by Vicente Sanchez-Biosca 

Form and feeling: Kinaesthetic Knowing / Artificial Darkness by Seth Barry Watter

Audiovisual essays:

edited by Miklós Kiss

Videographic scene analyses, part 2 by Miklós Kiss 

Witnessing the western by Luís Azevedo 

Marxism in ‘Metropolis’ by Greta Calaciura and Shant Bayramian 

The l/song take in ‘Before Sunrise’ by Ian Garwood

Agent of chaos: Discontinuous editing in ‘The Dark Knight’ by Drew Morton