Framing, painting, collecting images: Antonioni’s legacy

Exhibition: Lo sguardo di Michelangelo. Antonioni e le arti, Palazzo dei Diamanti, Ferrara (10 March 2013 – 9 June 2013) Catalogue: Lo sguardo di Michelangelo. Antonioni e le arti (Ferrara: Ferrara Arte, 2013), edited by Dominique Païni Lo sguardo di Michelangelo is an ambitious exhibition; it portrays Antonioni as a filmmaker, a visual artist, and […]

Federico Fellini and the experience of the grotesque and carnivalesque: Dis-covering the magic of mass culture

Exhibition: Fellini – The Exhibition (EYE Film Institute Netherlands, 30 June 2013 – 22 September 2013) Catalogue: Fellini (Amsterdam: Eye Amsterdam & Amsterdam University Press, 2013), written and edited by Sam Stourdzé; edited for EYE by Marente Bloemheuvel and Jaap Guldemond Art, perhaps, is measured by its ability to enrich our understanding, but is also measured […]