Traces of the medium as matter

If in essence conceptually at odds, the work of Daniela de Paulis, José Biscaya, and my own artworks are linked by a conscious choice for a precarious aesthetic where medium-specific traces are present as form of content. I have chosen these specific images for the NECSUS homepage slideshow to provide a sample view of how […]

A counter-response to Hollis Griffin on ‘Policing the people’

I am very grateful to Hollis Griffin for his courteous, thought-provoking, and sustained response to my article ‘Policing the people’ and my reference to his essay in particular. Griffin’s response continues and extends the concerns which animate both of our essays in specific ways. My counter-response will be structured along two main points: academics/disciplinarity; the […]

A response to ‘Policing the people: Television studies and the problem of “quality”’

I recently came across Sudeep Dasgupta’s article ‘Policing the people: Television studies and the problem of “quality”’ and liked it a great deal. Thoughtfully-argued and well-theorised, the piece worries about a critical enterprise that would presume to defend ‘the people’ from an elitist discourse on ‘quality’ television. I agree with Dasgupta insofar as it seems […]